KANBAN as the key to success

We run KANBAN warehouses for suppliers in the automotive industry. Schedule-controlled picking and direct need-based delivery with access to the customer’s internal software system enable you, the customer, to

Reduce your on-site warehouse inventory to close to ZERO

Massively reduce your warehousing costs

Reduce your logistics handling to minimum

We’ll be happy to provide an analysis on which of your products are eligible for Kanban. From the selection of Kanban products to implementation of the Kanban system tailored to your company and need-based training and instruction for your staff, you’re in excellent hands with S&P Logistik.

With us, you’ll be sure to receive only what you need. Logistics management

We offer services tailored to your wishes. You present the challenge, and we’ll deliver the solution.

Things we cannot do: Package soap bubbles.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with a detailed on-site analysis on-site to illuminate potential for savings.

And then you are guaranteed to be in the right hands. Anyone can generate a lot of paper, we meet your objectives.

Introduction of internal and external KANBAN systems, inventory reduction, warehousing systems, shuttle transfers, inventory, recycling management, inventory count, scheduling as well as finishing and quality tests.